Monday, July 6, 2015

A craft event at University Station's Michael's store!

I was really excited to take my daughter to an event at the new Michael's store at University Station in Westwood a few weeks ago.  It was everything I expected and more!  The room was all decked out with fun summer decorations, crafts, and goodies.  Each child had two picture frames.  There were tons of various kinds of duct tape, foam shapes, buttons, and other fun stuff to decorate the frames with.  At first I wondered how this would all turn out.  Could duct tape really turn a piece of wood into a cute frame?  To my surprise, It actually did.  My daughter had a hard time pulling, ripping, and cutting the tape.  I did this part for her and she was on her way to decorating.  She had a great time and left with some really cute frames.  The staff was very nice and helpful the only drawback, a tiny room with too many people in it!  We had a hard time navigating and you couldn't really move from the spot you were in.  I would definitely take my daughter back to a michael's craft event.  It was well worth it!

After the craft event we went to Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt.  If you haven't been to an Orange Leaf yet, you must get to one!!  They are awesome.  It is a do it yourself ice cream bar.  You fill your cup with whatever flavor you want (they have up to 16 at a time) and then add any toppings you want.  This is like a little kids dream - literally my daughter was like a kid in a candy store.  She couldn't decide what she wanted more of the gummy worms or mini marshmellows.  She got cookies and cream and added a host of toppings.  I chose the peanut butter and chocolate (I swirled it) and added some coconut on top.  It was a great, refresehing sweet treat.  I loved the smaller sized cups which I hadn't seen before at Orange Leaf!

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