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Sunday, November 14, 2021

A Mental Health Map of information in your hands from Genomind!

Mental Health is more important than ever these days and you now can order a map of your own mental health based on your genetics from a company called Genomind.

The Mental Health Map by Genomind tests for specific genetic variants that have been shown to influence behavior, mood, stress response and more across the 7 Core Genetic Mental Health Capabilities: Mood, Eating Behavior, Social Behavior, Anxiety, Focus and Memory, Sleep, and Substance Use and Habits.

One of the best benefits of getting the Mental Health Map test is that you also receive access to an app called NeuroFlow which lets you track your feelings and provides activities to complete along with guided breathing. I have found that the most useful and one nice perk is when you complete the activities, you earn stars/points which can be redeemed for gift cards once you accumulate enough points. The best benefit is greater insight into yourself!

They also have a clinical product called PGx which you can test 15 genes for core anxiety and depression or 24 genes for a full mental health report to inform treatment decisions for a range of mental health conditions. The PGx reports have to be ordered by a physician and can help guide medication from data rather than just trial and error. 

The test for the Mental Health Map and the PGx products are the same - you get the kit, swab, ship and then get the results. If you're getting the results for the PGx your clinician will receive the results and then talk to you about them. If you get the Mental Health Map, you would order that yourself and you get a 30 minute phone conversation with a professional consultant who will give you personalized insights and actions to help support you and learn about your mental well-being.

I had the chance to review both options and found it very insightful to get a map of my own mental health and talking about it with a coach from Genomind through the 7 core cababilities. I found the results from the PGx test to be very helpful as I have found it very difficult that there still is a trial and error approach to some medications. With the availability of the PGx clinical test that has been studied it has been helpful to find medications (even ibuprofen and acetaminophen) which may respond better because of certain genes.

NOTE: I received these tests at no cost to me in order to faciliatate this review. The Genomind team was no a part of any of my opinions and analysis and all opinions are our own. No other compensation was provided.