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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Father's Day BBQ, Catch with Dad at Pawsox and SoxShowcase Recap #hosted

Playing catch on the field!
This Father's Day we went to McCoy Stadium, home of the Pawtucket Red Sox for a barbecue, catch with Dad on the field and then to watch the afternoon game. We were treated to a double-header of baseball thanks to some rain the night before. That pushed up the start of the first game and made each of the games 7 innings (a special thing in Minor League Baseball).

We got to the stadium at 11 am and found it easy to park on the grounds. Parking is free and we recommend getting there early if you want a good spot!

The barbecue started early at 11:30 and we walked in and decided to go right to play catch on the field as that special option only went from 11:30-12 noon. I was lucky enough to take the whole family so my daughter had a chance to play catch with me, my dad and my father in law as well as other family members. It was something that we'll remember for a long time for sure! My mom even brought our 10 month old son on the field in a stroller so he could watch his big sister.

After playing catch, we went to the White BBQ Tent which was in foul ball territory. Since they had to start the games early at 12:30 to get both games in, we were eating the delicious BBQ food (hot dogs, hamburgers, pulled chicken - my fav!, drinks, dessert, etc.) while the game as going on. We were surprised, shocked and then relieved, when we were about to go back to our room, when all of a sudden, we hear "LOOK OUT" and then a thud, and when I looked down I noticed a dent in our son's stroller inches from his feet. Thankfully the foul ball didn't hit him, and the PawSox staff even helped retrieve the foul ball which will be a keepsake for sure!

Our daughter participated in one of the mid-inning breaks where she ran on the field and helped to brush off the bases, while dressed as one of the mascot's (polar bears) kids (or cubs)...

We then went up to our seats and watched the game from the stands. In between the two games we even participated in the Sox Showcase which was touring from Fenway which had batting cages, pitching, jenga, and a replica miniature green monster from Fenway. We had an absolute blast!

NOTE: We were provided with tickets for the BBQ, Catch with Dad and the baseball game. No other compensation was provided and as always, all opinions are our own.