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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Embracing the moment, reflecting and incorporating mindfulness

I've been spending some time recently thinking about current events and trying to be more mindful about embracing each and every moment I have with my family. Being able to enjoy time with family family is truly a gift.

During the past few years I've found joy in participating in activities with the kids and watching them grow. It is truly a magical thing to watch kids grow up and such a special thing to be able to participate and guide them.

I've learned to slow down, embrace the moment and be more mindful. It's hard work and takes practice. I encourage you to take a few moments each day to find one thing that is your favorite part of the day that happened, one bad part, one thing you did that was kind and one thing that you're grateful for. Being able to notice these things helps to learn each day and enjoy the small moments. It is, after all, all of the small moments that make up this great journey that we call life!

Friday, January 22, 2016


OK everyone, well in case you were wondering where i've been... It's been an interesting start to 2016! Let's see:

  1. the zumba class was great. Lots of fun but also exhausting
  2. I haven't been exercising anywhere near what I used to do.
  3. I've only gone running twice since the new year started
  4. I know I need to pay more attention to my body and what I'm feeding it.
  5. I need to practice meditation and mindfulness.
I'm a really lucky guy and have a lot to be thankful for: wonderful family and friends and a great work environment.

Let's do this 2016.  Let's be mindful.

Friday, January 1, 2016

First run of the new year...

First run of the new year went well... Decided to get back out there since I've been in a little slump. What are your new years resolutions? Mine is to try and get some type of activity every day and to be more mindful of things.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Finish at the 50 5k tomorrow!

So, I know I should be asleep by now but just wanted to post a quick note...

We picked up our race bibs for the Harvard Pilgrim Finish at the 50 5k and Kids Fun Run happening tomorrow! The kids all get race bib #1, which is a nice touch and for us adults, we're in the 3,000 numbers so it should be a lot of fun running with a few thousand of our new friends!

The folks at Patriot Place really know how to take care of their runners and have a whole slew of deals that they offer for pre-race meals. We took them up on the offer of an Orecchiette Pasta with Spinach dish for just showing your race bib at the Twenty8 Restaurant at the Renaissance Hotel by Marriott at Patriot Place. It was SO delicious!

They also had a really neat pre-race expo that started yesterday (Wednesday, July 1) and lasts throughout the race day tomorrow, July 3. There were balloon artists, caricatures, face painting, photo booths, appearances by Slyde the Revolution Soccer mascot, and bounce houses from the Revolution! They have a lot for kids to do. We tried our hands at a bean bag toss from the 5Wits! folks and got these really cool Spy sunglasses which let you see behind you - those may come in handy tomorrow during the race, to see if anyone is trying to pass us! ;)

All in all, we had a great time and it was really easy picking up our race bib, t-shirt and some great food samples from Purity Organic beverages and the great folks at KIND Snacks. We're looking forward to running tomorrow and hopefully getting a personal record!

Even though online registration is closed, if you are still interested in running, you can register on-site!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Harvard Pilgrim Finish at the 50 - 5 and 10k - THIS FRIDAY!

Hey everyone!

I'm happy to report that my weight loss is going well. I'm now just over 17 labs lost overall since I started this journey. It's been a while since I"ve seen the scale below 210, but it's now there! I hope I can keep going in this direction.

To that note, Emily, Lily and I are all still preparing for the Harvard Pilgrim Finish at the 50 5k this Friday at Patriot Place. Tonight, I went for a run in the misty weather and it was quite refreshing. Now, I can run for 5 minutes straight without getting winded. That wouldn't have happened just a month ago!

If you'd like to join us, you can register online through Wednesday, July 1 at

There's a great Kids Fun Run starting at 3 pm, where the kids can all run around the stadium field and finish at the 50 as well. They will get a special finisher medal, too!

There's also great deals available for runners throughout Patriot Place and you can also browse the Fitness Expo each day. There will also be some great fireworks right at dusk.

NOTE: We have been provided with complimentary entry to the Finish at the 50 5k. There was no promise made of a positive review... Can't wait to see how we do!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My word for 2015: Mindfulness

So, I've been seeing a bunch of my blogging buddies post words for 2015 and decided to do the same. What word did I choose? Mindfulness

I find that I need to try and be more mindful and aware of how I interact with people, especially those close to me. I find that I tend to be more lax around those that I love the most and instead I need to be more aware and mindful when I speak to my friends and family.

I also plan to keep up with my meditation practice and work to set aside some time every day to incorporate it.

I just can't believe it's FEBRUARY already! Yipes!