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Sunday, April 10, 2016

#WheresAstro - Help find the Salesforce Trailhead Mascot!

OK, so this post might get a little geeky for some of our regular readers, but for my day job I'm an IT guy for a non profit. Part of my job includes being the Salesforce Administrator which is a lot of fun! I get to customize our instance of Salesforce which we use as a company wide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution and platform.

They have some really great learning modules that they have created for both techies and non-techies alike called Salesforce Trailhead. You can learn and take the modules at your own pace and earn badges which mark which modules you have completed.

Recently, the fun developer marketing team over at Salesforce created a fun scavenger hunt of sorts, to entice people to learn how easy it is to customize and develop things for Salesforce using the Trailhead platform under the guise of searching for their missing mascot, Astro.

From now until April 14, you can head over to Salesforce Trailhead and complete a few modules to help find Astro and enter to win a plush 8" Astro doll of your own or even a FitBit Blaze! I'm secretly hoping that I win a fitbit blaze since I need something to help kickstart my being healthier and staying accountable again...

So what are you waiting for, go start your own Trailhead over at Salesforce and help to find out #WheresAstro (it requires that you set up a FREE developer account).

NOTE: I am posting this to help spread the word about Salesforce Trailhead's WheresAstro contest. All opinions are my own. There was no compensation given in exchange for this post.