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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Making back to school easier with Roche Brothers Supermarket #hosted

As the new school year started we were hosted for a quick tour of the Roche Brothers supermarket in Millis, MA to learn how they picked and packed the online orders tea. We learned about how the personal shoppers receive your order, pick each individual item (looking for the produce and meat as they would for their own house) and they will also pay attention to any suggestions or requests you give the shopper. If you like your bananas green, they will only look for green bananas. If you like your avocados ripe, then ripe avocados will be in the bag! The best part about this? The personal shopper will take their  time and inspect the food a lot better than I might if I was in a rush to get through everything and get home...

I also found out about a meal-in-a-bag option that are available at a bunch of supermarkets called Ready Chef Go dinners. They are prepared and selected are designed by a chef and packed in a microwave and oven safe bag. The bags have been designed to keep the food fresh, moist and of the best quality. It was inspired by the french cooking tradition of "en papillote" which means "in parchment." Basically, the food cooks in the sealed bag and is steamed in the sealed pouch and ready in a few minutes. Once cooked, you slide it out of the bag and can eat it right away! Perfect for a quick lunch at work and takes meal prep to a whole new, convenient level! Especially for parents who are always on the go... like us! There are many different options from meat, seafood, fresh vegetables to any combination of all of them along with seasonings! So delicious and so quick! The best part of all of this? They price it out by weight, so some of them are REALLY inexpensive. I know I'm going to be going to the Roche Brothers market in Downtown Crossing, Boston, to get some healthier meals and save some serious lunch money.

NOTE: We were hosted by Roche Brothers and the Dinner Daily. All opinions are my own.