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Saturday, October 24, 2015

A fun Saturday in Foxboro and Sharon

We had a fun Saturday in Foxboro and Sharon today! We went to the second to last stop on the Life is Good #GrowTheGood tour and had a great time playing outside at Patriot Place with life-size jenga pieces, corn hole games and frisbee. They even had an airstream bus on site which was retrofitted to have fun Life is Good products in it. We got to toss around a huge Life is Good beach ball.

Emily and I have been HUGE fans of the guys from Life is Good for the past 15 years… We’re volunteered at their summer festivals, backyard athlete games, seed spitting contests, pumpkin festivals, days at Fenway and other events. We were fortunate enough to be asked to be team leaders for various festivals and one of the most memorable was in 2009 on the Boston Common where we led a team of volunteers which consisted of many art tiles that were put together to make one big mural. It was called the Art for All Mural and there was a picture of it in the Life is Good store on Newbury street for the longest time…  We were really excited to find out that the same picture is printed on page 199 of Bert and John Jacobs new book, “Life is Good: The Book”.

The coolest part of the day was when we got to meet one of the co-founders of Life is Good, John Jacobs. He was so cool, easy to talk to, down to earth and such a nice guy. We briefly talked about the festivals and he was so thankful that we volunteered. We were so thankful that he created the company! We LOVE Life is Good - okay, have we said that enough? ;) Another neat thing was that he was there with his sister, Berta, who was equally nice and is also featured in the book.

We can’t wait to read it! Thanks guys! One other thing about the Life is Good store in Foxboro - it used to just feature Life is Good products, but now it features a whole host of other cool items that I find really align with how we are trying to live life… Mindfulness, Fun, Music, Art, etc. We hope to feature some of these neat things in the future!

when we got home we had to quickly bundle up and head back out because it was time for us to go to the last event of our town’s 250th anniversary celebration. They had the biggest bonfire we have ever seen and it was really warm and bright! We tried to capture it on video for your enjoyment! It was sponsored by Crescent Ridge Dairy which is the local ice cream place here in Sharon and they even had free samples! We were all over that and it was absolutely delicious! Crescent Ridge is listed as one of the Top 10 ice cream places in the world and it’s tops in our hearts!

NOTE: We were given copies of the new Life is Good book as we were one of the first 25 people to visit their table and meet John Jacobs. We were not provided wth anything in exchange for writing this review. We just love Life is Good so much that we wanted to write about our experience. All opinions are our own.