Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Grateful Dead night at Fenway on 4/11!

It’ll be a long strange trip to Fenway Park as Dead heads join the lineup on Tuesday, April 11 as the Red Sox celebrate the Grateful Dead.

You can enjoy this special themed game which includes a pre-game concert on Yawkey Way by “Playing Dead,” a Grateful Dead tribute band. With your purchase of an event ticket, you will receive a limited edition Red Sox Dancing Bears figurine.

Proceeds from tickets sales will benefit the Rex Foundation, the official charity of the Dead.

A VIP ticket is also available which includes an upgraded ticket into the Coca-Cola Pavilion Reserved section for the game.

More information can be found at

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

PureLYFT has new flavors and gives you energy!

The folks at PureLYFT came out with new flavors. We were sent some samples of the new flavors and they give any beverage you add them to a kick of clean caffeine and flavor.

PureLYFT is made from green coffee extract and a teeny amount of Stevia to make a powder that you can stir or pour into any beverage. It's great for people constantly on the go or parents who were up all night with the kids and just need that quick pick-me-up in place of the daily coffee in the morning.

For starters, you open the package and they used to have you peel a sticker back and stir the power into your beverage of choice. Now you can either do that or you can pop the bottom off and pour it directly in to the drink and stir that way too. I kind of messed up and spilled a bunch on my hand and licked it - I wouldn't recommend doing that!  Also, if you're mixing it into a cold beverage I would recommend putting it in warm water to dissolve it first then dumping that into the cold beverage - also something I learned on the second time trying it!!

All in all I found that this was an easy way to get a quick boost of energy.

NOTE: We were provided with the sample sticks to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are our own.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Disney on Ice in Boston for February Break through Sunday 2/26

Disney on Ice: Follow Your Heart is in Boston for the rest of this week at TD Garden and we had the chance to check it out for opening night last week and it did not disappoint! It starts out with a story from Disney's Inside Out which was a new experience for us. It had classics like Snow White, Cinderella, Toy Story and Beauty and the Beast along side new movies like Finding Dory, Inside Out and Frozen. We found that it seemed like it would go from one song right to another but it was cool how Feld Entertainment would use the Inside Out theme and emotions to weave a story.

During the last school break, we saw Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream at Boston University's Agganis Arena, which had some of the same songs but a different story line. We absolutely love Disney and enjoy when the shows come to town!

If you're interested, there's still tickets and seats available for Follow Your Heart at TD Garden which runs through Sunday February 26. For more information visit

Photos from Follow Your Heart at TD Garden

Photos from Dare to Dream at Agganis Arena

NOTE: We were provided with tickets to each performance. All opinions are our own and no other compensation was provided.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Comcast released some new features to the Xfinity My Account app and new Xfinity Stores

The Xinifity MyAccount app for iOS. Photo courtesy of Comcast.
This post was sponsored by Comcast. All opinions are our own.

Hey guys! Comcast released some new features to the Xfinity My Account app and there's also new Xfinity Stores popping up all over the place!

Some cool new features of the My Account app available on iOS, Android and the web are:

  • Request a time for a Comcast representative to call you back.
  • Monitor a technician’s arrival time for scheduled appointments.
  • Restart a modem or cable box, perform a system refresh, pair a remote or troubleshoot solutions.
  • Check appointment time and reschedule appointments.
  • View and pay your bill or check payment status.
  • Find out if there's an outage in your area and when things should get back to normal.
  • Chat with a technical expert on Twitter.
  • Easily view, change and share your Wi-Fi network name and password.
  • Find your neighborhood XFINITY Store with hours, directions and services offered.
  • Change your preferred email address for receiving communications from Comcast and your account password.
  • Get notifications of scheduled maintenance that may impact performance of services up to three days in advance.
  • Make a one-time payment on your XFINITY account or set up autopay.

If you want, you can still call Comcast on the phone but it's really nice to be able to use the app. I found with a recent service call to my house, the app would give me updates about when the technician was near my house then when he arrived and completed the job too.

You can use the app to request that Comcast call you back, a nice time saving feature!

Comcast is investing in their technology! They double the network capacity every 18-24 months to meet the needs of customers. They have have technology that lets them know where weaknesses exist within the network and are able to fix them before we they exist or service is impacted.

Comcast has been renovating their stores throughout Massachusetts to ensure a better customer experience and to get folks in the door and reached within 10 minutes. I don't know too many stores that have that prompt turn around time.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sorry I've been out of touch. You can thank Pneumonia.

Sorry I've been out of touch. You can thank Pneumonia for that one. For the past few weeks I haven't been feeling myself and have been sick with some type of cold/virus since the last few days of 2016. Since around the beginning of February, I ended up in urgent care with pneumonia. They took great care of me and after some antibiotics and rest, I got rid of the infection. Thankfully. I don't wish that on anyone! I have a few things in the pipeline for the blog so stay tuned folks...

Sunday, January 22, 2017

#SoxWinterWeekend at Foxwoods with the Red Sox recap

This past weekend, we had the pleasure to join the Boston Red Sox at Foxwoods for their #SoxWinterWeekend. We had an amazing time! There were so many "great moments" it's hard to nail it down to just a few but here's some highlights...

We first checked in at the Grand Pequot hotel to pick up our passes. When we registered for the weekend we got a welcome email about a week before telling us what to expect but also asking us to preregister for autograph and photo sessions and whether or not we wanted to take part in the Kids Clinic or add on a breakfast with Wally to our package.

The preregistration was a great idea because it allowed us to select autograph times that were convenient to us. While there were 4 rooms per hour, and we didn't know which player/coach would be in which room, so we chose at random.

While there were quite a lot of lines for the autograph sessions or player panels, everything seemed to run smoothly and the team was really smart to have some entertainment provided for fans while they waited in line.

We also liked that you could use the MLB Ballpark app to get the schedule for the weekend at any time on your mobile device. The panels were amazing: we were able to relive the '07 world series championship as they brought head coach John Farrell, Tim Wakefield, and Jason Varitek to tell some inside stories from the season and answer fans' questions. The other sessions were Call to the Hall which had Sox who were in the National Baseball Hall of Fame, a game show which had players play against coaches and even a press conference from the kids in attendance - those questions were the best and a few were absolutely hilarious!

The fan fest in the Premier ballroom in Fox Tower had something for everyone and was open even after the sessions all ended so you could still experience it if you were in panels and getting autographs all day. They literally brought the Fenway experience from Boston to Foxwoods: banners, David Ortiz' lego statue which is normally out in the kids' concourse, Mickey Mouse adorned in Red Sox logos and colors that usually is on the 3rd base deck, and silver bats and gold gloves. They had batting cages, wiffle bats for the little ones, a mini baseball field that kids could field balls, the Sox Showcase with Red Sox Virtual Reality, steal-a-base contest, NESN Clubhouse auditions and even the Team Store!

NOTE: We were provided with passes to attend Winter Weekend at Foxwoods from the Boston Red Sox. No other compensation was provided and all opinions are our own.

Monday, January 16, 2017

My paternity leave...

So, my paternity leave ends this Wednesday. Our son was born last August, but my wife went back to work at the beginning of the year. I'm truly fortunate because I was able to move my leave to coincide with when she went back to work. So, I've been off of work, taking care of my son since the start of the new year (the past two weeks) and it's been incredible. I have a whole newfound respect for stay-at-home parents and single parents. I have learned a whole bunch of new things for taking care of my son and daughter and trying to coordinate drop-offs, pick ups, diaper changes, feeding, doctor appointments, rides to after school activities, etc. I now have gained an appreciation for trying to do it all, while trying to keep the house in some form of shape and not a disaster. Sidenote: I wasn't able to keep the house in any form of neatness. It's a total mess. 

What I've learned most and am most thankful for is that it truly takes a village to raise a child. I've been thankful to be able to lean on my family and close friends for assistance for the duration. I've learned from watching my parents and how excited they are and how much they care. I've also been able to balance a few commitments and also was able to take my daughter to her after school programs which was really special.

I truly enjoyed each moment I was able to have with my kids and am looking forward to going back to my day job, knowing that I had this time to bond with my kids. It truly is a gift.