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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Vice Cream: A new ice cream that is decadent, delicious and worth it. Live life, dig in!

I'm SUPER excited to tell you about Vice Cream, a new ice cream that is decadent and delicious. Recently, I joined the inaugural Creamy Crew for Vice Cream, where I get to try all of their flavors and help spread the word.

Vice Cream is locally headquartered in downtown Boston and was started a year ago by Dan Schorr. Dan has run marathons, half-marathons, created energy drinks, and didn't always follow the indulgent  track of things. In 2014, he was diagnosed with cancer, despite being the healthiest guy his doctor knew, and decided to do what it took and as of August 2016 is cancer free.

Vice Cream has really indulgent and rich flavors. So far we've tried Minted, Afternoon Delight, Bourbon Mash and Higher Grounds. My favorite is Higher Grounds, which has dark roast coffee ice cream interlaced with swirls of mocha fudge, crunchy chocolate cookie crumbles and pillows of sweet espresso.

As they say on their website: "At Vice Cream, we take our business and our ice cream very seriously. But never ourselves. Because life is funny. Maybe not always ha-ha funny, but still funny. The important thing is to indulge in it while you can."

I agree.

NOTE: I was provided with some pints of Vice Cream in exchange for this post. No other compensation was provided.