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Sunday, June 11, 2017

A new experience at 18/8 mens salon and a giveaway!

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to check out a fine mens salon at University Station Shopping Center in Westwood called 18/8: A Fine Mens Salon. They just celebrated their one year anniversary at the end of May and look forward to years to come.

I arrived at 9 am and was greeted and had a short wait. I was treated to a nice fresh cup of coffee and relaxed in the waiting area. After a few short moments, I was welcomed by my barber, Julian, who brought me to his pristine work area. He offered me a robe so I wouldn't get my clothes dirty and then I sat down in the oversized, very comfortable leather chair.

He first asked how I wanted my hair cut then washed my hair with a quick scalp massage then we chat as the cut my hair. The entire cut took around 30 minutes and then he started the preparation for my executive shave. This was the first time I've ever gotten a shave from a barber. I'm totally used to my Gillette power fusion 5-blade razor with shave cream. What was interesting was that Julian used a few hot towels along with shave oil to loosen up the hair and my skin before we moved to the next room.

The new room had an interesting machine that used steam to further prepare my skin and I found it to be a little warmer than my liking but all in all it worked well so that when Julian went to give me a shave, I didn't feel anything and it was the closest shave I've ever received. You can see the photos below for yourself! Julian also took his time and was very careful so I didn't get cut.

I was also treated to my first pedicure by a nice woman named Maggie. The folks at 18/8 offer a MANicure as well as pedicure that you can add on to your hair cut or just get it by itself. I went to sit down in the massaging pedicure chair as Maggie prepared the foot bath. She started out by introducing herself and explaining that if I was ticklish on my feet we might be laughing. I had warned her that this was my first pedicure and indeed I was ticklish.

She started out by inspecting my feet and was surprised at how well kept and nice my feet looked since I had never had a pedicure. I said I just cut my nails regularly and that's about it. She started out by massaging my feet with a sugar scrub that was quite relaxing then clipped my nails and explained a bit what she was doing as she did it.

Then she massaged them with some lotion and then some oil to protect the nails and cuticles. I'll be honest... I learned WAY more than I ever knew about feet and nails and to be frank, now I understand why Emily likes pedicures, it's a relaxing time that you get just to yourself and don't have to worry about the day-to-day, minute-to-minute journey called parenting that we all have to manage.

As guys, all too often we take time to ourselves by hanging out with friends, enjoying a past-time (baseball, tennis, golf), or some "me" time by hiking, walking, exercising. I would strongly recommend adding this place as another spot for "me" time as dads. It's a great space and a fun time!

The nice folks over at 18/8 gave me an executive shave package to giveaway to one of my readers! Since father's day is coming up next Sunday, we'll run this giveaway until 12:00 am next Sunday, June 18.

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NOTE: I was provided with a complimentary Executive Shave package and pedicure in order to facilitate this review as well as an Executive Shave package to offer to one of my readers for a giveaway. No other compensation was provided and all opinions are my own.