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Thursday, May 4, 2023

Withings Health products are so helpful to keep track of my health

Withings is an innovative company offering various health tracking devices. Over the past few months I have had the chance to use a few of their different products to track my health trends and it has come in handy the past few weeks since I just got through a bout with the Flu (and before you ask, yes, I did get my flu shot this year).

In this post we will discuss a few of their various popular tracking devices: Body Comp Scale, the Scanwatch smart watch, Thermo thermometer, Sleep tracking mat, and their Blood Pressure Monitor.

Body Comp Scale

The Withings Body Comp is a smart scale that measures more than just your weight. It provides a complete picture of your cardiovascular health, including your body composition, standing heart rate, vascular age, fat and water mass, and even muscle and bone mass.  In a future update they will also include the Basal Metabolic Rate and Metabolic Age. I also enjoyed seeing a localized weather report and air quality analysis during the scan, which is helpful since I have my scale located in my home office, so it is measuring the air quality in a room I spend a lot of time in.

It is nice that it syncs with the Withings Healthmate app on your smartphone. This app allows you to track your progress over time, set goals, and even share your data with your healthcare provider. This new scale is also compatible with the Withings+ health service which gives you feedback and tips on different things you can tweak to motivate you a different way. The Withings Body Cardio is a great way to stay on top of your heart health and make sure that you are taking steps to prevent cardiovascular disease.


The Withings Scanwatch is a stylish wearable device that tracks your daily activity, sleep, and heart rate. It has a long battery life, has advanced heart features and will show alerts and texts. The Withings Smartwatch is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about their health without putting on a watch that has too many features or can distract you.

A few of the features we enjoyed are its ability to track your heart rate, ECG and pulse oximetry. The Withings Smartwatch also has a dedicated breathing exercise mode that helps you reduce stress. We are pleased to offer a giveaway of a Scanwatch to one of our loyal readers. You can enter using the rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thermo Thermometer

The Withings Thermo is a smart temporal thermometer that takes accurate readings in just two seconds and provides an easy-to-read measurement complete with a color-coded fever indicator. It is a non-invasive, contactless thermometer that uses infrared technology to measure your body temperature. The Withings Thermo is perfect for parents who want to monitor their child's temperature without disturbing their sleep.

The Withings Thermo is also a connected device that syncs with the Withings Health Mate app. This app allows you to track your temperature over time and even share your data with your healthcare provider.

The Thermo was very useful when I was sick with the flu because I was able to track my temperature (and fever) and also knew when it went down and could correlate that information along with when I took medication because I kept track of the medication timing while the Health Mate app kept track of my temperature.

If you have multiple people in your house like we do, you can keep track of everyone's temperatures separately by assigning the temperature you just took to their profile right on the Thermo device. It is super helpful!

BPM Blood Pressure Monitor

The Withings BPM is a wireless blood pressure monitor that allows you to track your blood pressure at home. It is easy to use and provides accurate readings in just seconds. The Withings BPM is perfect for anyone who wants to monitor their blood pressure and make sure that they are staying within healthy ranges.

The Withings BPM is also a connected device that syncs with the Withings Health Mate app. This app allows you to track your blood pressure over time, set reminders to take your readings, and even share your data with your healthcare provider.

Sleep Tracking Mat

The Sleep tracking mat is a device that goes under your mattress and will track your sleep without you having to wear or physically touch anything. The mat has built-in sensors that will track your sleep cycles, snoring, heart rate among other things.

I have been using it for a few months and have enjoyed learning about my total sleep time, difference of time spent in various stages of sleep, when I wake up and how long it takes me to fall asleep.

This has been very useful as I have sleep apnea and while I sleep using a BiPAP machine, which has its own monitoring, the sleep mat provides yet another method of tracking my health while I sleep.

The Withings Body Comp scale

NOTE: I received sample units in order to facilitate this review. They also generously provided a Scanwatch for me to give away to one of my loyal readers. No other compensation was provided. All opinions, as always, are our own.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Withings Home Wi-Fi security camera

This blog post contains affiliate links.

The Withings Home Baby Bundle - Wireless Video Baby Monitor is a great Wi-Fi security camera with a lot of embedded perks: video streaming, air quality monitor, push notification alerts for motion activity and cloud storage of video footage. The Home packs a 5 megapixel HD camera with infrared night vision that has a field-of-view of 135 degrees which is pretty wide without looking like a wide angle camera. It has sensors for sound, motion and air-quality which will be able to alert you via the companion iOS app (iPhone, iPad, AppleTV or Apple Watch).

The product is great because it has two-way audio with “push-to-talk” option via the iOS app that let’s you speak to whoever is in the room. They also have a baby bundle package which pairs the camera with two covers: one blue and one pink which slip over the woodgrain finish.

We think this product is a great option for families who are looking for a baby monitor or just a plain security camera. The two-way audio is a great way to soothe your baby to sleep from anywhere by just using your iPhone and the camera. You also have the option to turn on a Lullaby mode which turns on an LED light and sound program to lull your child back to sleep.

Priced at $199, it offers quite a few bells and whistles to help ease parents’ anxiety. The air-quality monitor is really nice because it can warn you when carbon-based Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in parts-per-million go above a specified thresh-hold and also tracks the data so you can try and figure out if it’s a one-time occurrence or something that needs to be looked in to. 

The Apple Watch integration is really nice because you can also be notified when there is motion and just glance at your watch to see an image of what’s going on.

I can’t believe it (and I know you won’t be able to as well) but the great folks at Withings have offered us a Home security camera to give away to one of our lucky readers… Enter through the Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

NOTE: I received a Withings Home to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. There was no promise given of a positive review, but this camera rocks! Winner must be 18+. This blog post contains affiliate links.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Withings Aura Connected Alarm Clock and Sleep monitor

The Withings Aura Connected Alarm Clock and Sleep monitor is a high-tech alarm clock combined with a sleek equally high-tech lamp. This device gives you the perfect way to fall asleep and wake up each day while monitoring your sleep using the optional sleep sensor.

The sleep sensor sits under your mattress and is connected via a quite long USB cable to the Aura alarm clock and tracks your sleep duration, sleep cycle variation (deep, light and REM stages), time awake and wakes you at the best time during your sleep cycle within the time frame specified in the Withings Health app on your iOS device.

Once paired with the iOS app, the Aura goes to work. You set it up to your home Wi-Fi network and it automatically sets the time, monitors the room temperature (hoping that it’s in a comfortable range of 65-72 degrees F), and can wake you up to your favorite songs on Spotify.

It uses research that Withings has done to use the lamp to display optimized colors which promote the secretion of sleep hormones if you use it to fall asleep. It will also play a sound program you specify from a predefined list of songs designed to help induce sleep.

We strongly recommend this alarm clock and sleep monitor if you're looking for a better night's sleep and a way to get more data about how you sleep!

NOTE: We were provided with a Withings Aura to facilitate this review. There was no promise made of a positive review. All opinions are our own.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Dave is on a journey... of health and wellness.

Well, I woke up a week ago and decided right after watching runners in the Boston Marathon that I would use this year as a year of health and wellness. I am trying to become more mindful in my approach to life and why not put that towards eating as well. I also found that it really helped getting a few samples of healthy food at the Marathon as I have been having a smoothie every morning!

In any event, I committed myself to starting to eat healthier, getting more exercise, and being more present. To that end, I joined WeightWatchers at the suggestion of a friend of mine. I joined last Wednesday (4/22) and my starting weight was 227 lbs. I saw that number and was shocked but said to myself "hey... we all have to start somewhere."

I then went to my first meeting on Thursday morning 4/23 and it was great! I found out that it was led by a blogger whom I have been following for about a year and she is really energetic and fun! It's crazy when worlds collide like that!

I committed to walking every day and trying to reach my goal of 10,000 steps using my Withings Pulse activity monitor (more on that later). I am happy to report that over the past week I have walked 63,773 steps! That is the most I've walked in a week!!!!

  • Sun 4/26: 12,656
  • Sat 4/25 13,610
  • Fri 4/24 12,130
  • Thu 4/23 13,470
  • Wed 4/22 10,162
  • Tue 4/21 7,629
  • Mon 4/20 10,121
  • Sun 4/19 9,714

I also didn't realize but I would be missing my second meeting this coming Thursday so after an amazing week of walking I went to weight in this morning and weighed 224.2 lbs. I had lost 2.8 lbs after my first week. Pretty proud of that one... Hopefully I can start a trend here...