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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Snoozeshade for play yards

We had the opportunity to try the Snoozeshade and loved it, so we were really psyched when we found out we could try out the Snoozeshade for pack n plays and portable cribs.  We were finding it hard to be in one room away from our baby because we wanted the lights on but wanted her to be in the dark. The snoozeshade for pack n play gave us just the option we needed. We tried it in a few different settings: our bedroom, den and outside. We found in all of the situations it was great, breathable and even helped to keep the bugs out which is a huge plus for us since we live in a wooded area.

It seemed to help encourage our little one to sleep longer, we would assume because of the darkness it provided. It also proved to be a visual stop sign for lots of people. Literally, people would stop, realize a baby was sleeping and quiet down immediately. That didn't always happen if we had our baby in a Pack n play, people would just whisper.

It's light, easy to use, and has breathable, washable fabric.

We think this product would be a great thing to have around for any family, especially for those on the go or that travel a lot.