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Monday, April 3, 2017

Red Sox #OpeningDay was SO amazing!

Yesterday was Opening Day for the 2017 season and it got started right here at home this year at Fenway Park. I was so excited to be going to the game thanks to Kayem Foods. They held their fourth annual #FindFenwayFranks scavenger hunt around the city last Thursday.

Since I work downtown, I've been trying to win this scavenger hunt for the last few years. So, I took my lunch a little early that day, and started walking around my office neighborhood. Once 11 o'clock struck, I checked Kayem's twitter account where they were released a clue where they were located, and I knew that it was somewhat close to where I was. 
Built as a gift to the city, this marketplace is a destination for many. We'll be hanging with our man Samuel Adams.
I went as quickly as I possibly could, over to Faneuil Hall and the Sam Adams statue where I saw the Kayem Box o' Meat and I said the phrase "FindFenwayFranks" before I ran totally out of breath and sat down at a nearby table. 

They told me that I won and I was SO excited!  They even had a video camera there to catch some of the excitement. I thought it was just for their own promotional purposes. I didn't realize until later on that night when I started to get messages on my phone and through Facebook that I had been on channel 7 news.

Thanks Kayem for hosting these fun contests around the city for the past few years. After coming so close last year, I'm super excited to have won this year!

I love that they have had National Hot Dog day, ticket giveaways and general fun around their home state of Massachusetts.