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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Fun times with Blue Man Group, Disney on Ice for February Break

This February break, we had the opportunity to check out Blue Man Group at the Charles Playhouse and Disney on Ice at the TD Garden


We were excited to see Blue Man Group come back to performing since the start of the pandemic.

The check-in process at the Charles Playhouse was seamless and we were comforted knowing that they were still checking vaccination records as well as requiring that people wore masks during the performance. There was a great area by the bathrooms where kids could play with the same pipes that the Blue Men were making music with.

While the Blue Men were celebrating 25 years in Boston, the last time I went to a show was easily 20 years ago. It was just how I remembered - a lot of fun beats and music along with zany antics and the best part? The Blue Men are able to communicate without saying a word! It is so great! They also had some fun videos that would be shown where you could see the crazy stuff that goes on inside your brain (the hellawack shiznit) and they also showed if one of the blue men swallowed a camera. 

One of the most amazing parts was when one of the Blue Men caught marshmallows in his mouth - we counted and out of the 31 marshmallows thrown, he ate all of them and kept them all in his mouth, except for TWO, which he then carefully spit out of his mouth in a mountain of marshmallow which he then put a $5,000 price tag on it as a piece of art. Ha!

The kids absolutely loved it and my little guy was laughing most of the time from the silly actions and the fun music. We didn't take any pictures inside the show because they had asked us not to, but we did take pictures before and after. I felt bad for the cleaning crew since there was a lot of paper to clean up but then again, I realize this is a really clear explanation of why you pay facility fees for these types of shows!


We had the opportunity to see Disney on Ice at the TD Garden in Boston. There were a lot more people there than I had expected but the show was equally as good as the one during the holiday break, with different characters and a different story line.

It had a bunch of songs from classics as well as some of the newer shows and we enjoyed them all! It was neat to see the great costumes as well as the special effects for some of the numbers.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time and strongly recommend it for a fun thing to do during break!

NOTE: We were provided with complimentary tickets to attend these shows. All opinions are our own.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Disney on Ice in Boston for February Break through Sunday 2/26

Disney on Ice: Follow Your Heart is in Boston for the rest of this week at TD Garden and we had the chance to check it out for opening night last week and it did not disappoint! It starts out with a story from Disney's Inside Out which was a new experience for us. It had classics like Snow White, Cinderella, Toy Story and Beauty and the Beast along side new movies like Finding Dory, Inside Out and Frozen. We found that it seemed like it would go from one song right to another but it was cool how Feld Entertainment would use the Inside Out theme and emotions to weave a story.

During the last school break, we saw Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream at Boston University's Agganis Arena, which had some of the same songs but a different story line. We absolutely love Disney and enjoy when the shows come to town!

If you're interested, there's still tickets and seats available for Follow Your Heart at TD Garden which runs through Sunday February 26. For more information visit

Photos from Follow Your Heart at TD Garden

Photos from Dare to Dream at Agganis Arena

NOTE: We were provided with tickets to each performance. All opinions are our own and no other compensation was provided.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Ringling Bros Circus came to town!

The Ringling Brothers Circus came to town and we had an absolutely amazing time! We arrived early to be able to go down onto the show floor and walk around. Our daughter loved being able to meet the clowns and see the sights up close. Although, I don't know who had more fun, her or me! It was pretty cool. Apparently they do this one-hour pre-show for all of their shows and you don't need a special ticket to participate - it's open to everyone!

This is a new show that's different from what I remembered as a kid. It's produced by Feld Entertainment and as of last year, no longer includes elephants roaming around performing various tricks. They still have other animals (dogs, tigers, horses, etc.) with their trainers but they also have lots of clowning around and some pretty neat acrobatics! I think our favorite was the trampoline guys.

The only downside was the light up toys that they sold were SUPER bright. I don't know if they used some new LED lights in there but it was quite distracting and actually painful at times. So much so that I tweeted it out and the president of Feld promptly wrote back to me - how's that for customer service! I was pretty impressed.

On a totally random note, when we walked in to the TD Garden arena and were going to our seats, we happened to pass a room that had signs that said Nursery and School - pretty neat to think that the program is providing school for the families while they are on tour!

Next time they are in town, we strongly recommend you go! We went on a friday night and it was a nice time to go right after work but there was a little bit of traffic. It was nice though, since the arena wasn't as full as a weekend daytime performance.

You can watch a video I made about the circus:

Here's some photos that we took from our seats.

NOTE: We were provided with tickets and some fun swag in exchange for some promotion before the event as well as this blog recap. No other compensation was provided and as always all opinions are our own.