Thursday, May 19, 2011


Bumbo! I have to share about our baby's bumbo! It is perfect for a baby around 4 or so months. It really depends on the size of the baby and if they can hold their head up yet. I like the bumbo because it helps with sitting up skills and is so stationary. It is also a soft plastic and seems comfy for baby. I put it right next to me and my baby enjoys being in it. We also got the tray to go with it. I am not sure about this yet. I think I need to use it a little more. What I have found is you can't take a baby out or put them in it with the tray on and it is very hard to get the tray on and off with the baby in it. I already almost caught my baby's hand in it so you need to be very careful if you do get the tray. The tray has been nice to put a few toys on and give baby something to look at. It will also come in handy to use for feeding time or take places that may not have a high chair. I bring my baby to the library for a baby story time and another mother has 2 children she brings with her. She puts her 9 month old in the bumbo and than can chase after her toddler. Great idea because a 9 month old can't get out of it!

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