Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wean Green Containers

The all-glass containers are great. We love the size of these containers! They are easily freeze-able. We made yonanas and were able to freeze a little batch in them. It was the perfect size. We also feel more comfortable using them than other containers because the glass is microwave safe and won't give off harmful chemicals.

The lids are very easy to open and close as they offer large snaps to use. We are nervous to send them to school with our daughter because we are nervous they will leak (even though they never did with all of our testing). We have dropped them a few times and surprisingly they haven't broken (although we don't recommend you try it at home)!

Overall, we strongly recommend them as an alternative to all of the plastic containers you see everywhere. For more information, visit Wean Green on the web at weangreen.com.

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