Sunday, August 9, 2015

Going to get back to it!

So... you may have noticed a little bit of a lull in blog posts and exercise posts as well. As it turns out after the last 5k I ran, I may have outdone myself and the recovery time of 1 week was more of an excuse than anything. I found that the 1 week time led to some additional lack of tracking foods for weight watchers, less exercise and next thing you know, when I tried to do the next exercise day in Couch to 5k, I could barely jog 5 minutes, let alone the 35 minutes that the app expected me to jog.

So another week passed and this morning I started to get back to it and went for a really nice jog/walk around Lake Massapoag. It was also the same time as the Sharon Triathlon so it was really cool to cheer on the runners and bikers as they passed by!

Here's to a better upswing in exercise!

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