Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Wally's sister is joining her old brother at Fenway!

You guys know we're huge Red Sox fans and absolutely love their mascot, Wally, the Green Monster! After going to a few games and Wally's Birthday party, we even had the chance to meet Wally and his parents, Walter and Wanda - they were all so nice!

I learned some cool news today! The Red Sox announced that Wally's younger sister, Tessie has joined her older brother at Fenway! As a matter of fact, you'll get to meet her if you go to the Red Sox Winter Weekend at Foxwoods in a few weeks, January 22-24!

A fun little nugget of trivia: Tessie is named for the popular early 1900’s song that was re-made by the Dropkick Murphy’s in 2004! You can hear it during most games at Fenway!

We can't wait to meet her this season!

You can follow Tessie on Twitter, Instagram and check out this cute little video the Red Sox made...

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