Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Need a boost? Try PureLYFT and #GetLYFTed

As someone who works in front of a computer screen all day, I need a boost to get through the day. I've had coffee for the past few years and while it certainly gets the job done every so often I like to switch it up. I also think that this product is EXCELLENT for new, or experienced parents!

This is a zero calorie caffeine product derived from all-natural green coffee beans! I tried it along with juice and it's delicious! You can't really taste anything after adding it to any beverage.

The great folks at PureLYFT have provided me with a code to share with you: ParentalIdeasLyft which will give you 25% off your order AND free shipping!

NOTE: We were provided with a sample package of PureLYFT for review purposes only. No other compensation was given.

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