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Third Day of Red Sox Fantasy Camp 2018 #redsox #redsoxfantasycamp

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I woke up around 5:45 on Wednesday and got ready to go to take the first shuttle to the park. We arrived at 6:30 am and I ate breakfast and went to the trainers to get stretched.

I’ve learned a lot of things from camp. One great piece of advice I got at the rookie orientation was to start slow, and taper off. At the time, I didn’t quite get what they were saying, but by the third day, I was glad I was listening to the sage advice.

The trainers were all from the minor league teams, some interns and the athletic training coordinator, Brandon. All of the trainers were great and took care of everyone with the same care they would provide the pros.

Jim Corsi led the daily Kangaroo Court and even put a clown mask on to have some fun with it. The entire room cracked up… As we were walking to the fields I noticed the chefs were smoking some salmon which we would be eating later. We went to play our first game of the day against Stanley’s Steamers.

Before the start of the game, our coaches, Bret Saberhagen and Tom “Flash” Gordon, got us all together to give us a pep talk and encourage us. Those of us not playing in the field for the first few innings, cheered our teammates on from the bench and also as we played offense.

I was pretty excited even though I grounded out at my first at-bat the first inning to a fielder’s choice, my friend, Steve scored and I got an RBI. My second trip to the plate, I grounded out to the pitcher.  Since I was the last out, I was the pinch runner for my teammate Frank, who would swing the bat with one hand, while holding himself up using a crutch with the other hand. Frank hit the ball and I ran as fast as I could to first base and wasn’t thrown out! I started running as the ball was hit and made it to third base as my teammate Jake hit a ground ball and got a double due to an errant throw to first. Matt popped out to center and then Wayne singled on a line drive to left field. As the ball dropped, Bret was telling me to run home and I scored a run for Frank and Jake was close behind.

I played in right field for the last four innings and enjoyed it. We won our third straight game and were off to a 3-0 start. see the game recap  at the end of this article - I was prey excited since I ended up in the recap!

After the game, we went back to the clubhouse to each lunch (the smoked salmon was delicious!) and then I went to see the trainers since I wasn’t playing the afternoon game. They told me to go in the cold tub for 10 minutes. I didn’t think I heard them right but took their advice and sat in the cold tub. I didn’t think anyone would believe me so I had my dad dump in two scoopfuls of ice. He was laughing so hard the entire time - he couldn’t believe I was in there!

I went to chat with the Mike, the equipment manager, and took some photos of the equipment room. It was amazing to see so many baseball bats, uniforms helmets and other baseball items! They had tubs upon tubs of Dubble Bubble bubble gum and I couldn’t believe they even had sugar-free double bubble. It was awesome.
I watched the afternoon game and enjoyed the camaraderie of talking with my teammates in the dugout.

We toured the major league clubhouse and enjoyed a barbecue inside JetBlue Park while watching the home run derby. I couldn’t believe Al Bumbry pitched the entire game - he is such a cool guy.

Afterwards we all came back to the hotel and hung out in hotel lobby, and got to know my new friends a little bit better.

Al Bumbry

I was taking a lead from 1st...

The equipment room - so cool!

I even was the 1st base coach for a few innings.

Tom "Flash" Gordon talking with an umpire.
Photo ©Lehigh Photo. Used with permission

Frank at bat.
Photo ©Lehigh Photo. Used with permission

JetBlue Park at sunset.

Kangaroo Court

Kangaroo Court

I was running to the base - I made it.
Photo ©Lehigh Photo. Used with permission

NOTE: I won this experience as part of a contest held by JetBlue and the Red Sox. I was not asked to blog about this, cover this experience by anyone. I am solely writing about it out of my own excitement and thought that my readers would enjoy my journey of playing baseball and being coached by some amazing individuals. I hope you enjoy coming along for the ride! All opinions are my own.

Sabes' Babes Blows Away Stanley's Steamers By Seven RunsSabes' Babes sailed to an easy victory over Stanley's Steamers 9-2 on Wednesday
Sabes' Babes fired up the offense in the first inning. Dave Dudek hit into a fielder's choice, scoring one run.
Sabes' Babes put up four runs in the fourth inning. The offensive firepower by Sabes' Babes was led by Wayne Martins, Bob Connors, and Brian Stoltz, all driving in runs in the frame.
Sabes' Babes tallied 14 hits. Dave McGovern, Connors, and Jake Hallonquist all managed multiple hits for Sabes' Babes. Hallonquist, Connors, and McGovern each managed two hits to lead Sabes' Babes.
Stanley's Steamers tallied ten hits on the day. Herb Sargent and Ron Young each had multiple hits for Stanley's Steamers.

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