Sunday, May 24, 2020

Stuffed Puffs - A fun new way to make S'mores treats without the chocolatey mess!

Recently, we had the chance to try a new product that solves the age-old problem of melting chocolate and marshmallows to make s'mores. Whenever I've tried it, I will put the marshmallow over the fire, try not to burn it, and then when it seems gooey enough, quickly transfer it to chocolate and graham crackers and hope the chocolate melts enough. More often than not, I'm eating a s'more that is a little hard on the chocolate. Can you relate?

Enter Stuffed Puffs... a marshmallow with the chocolate on the inside! Who would have thought of that? Thankfully someone did! You put the marshmallow on the stick and when it's melted, the chocolate melts as well. We decided to try them and were surprised how they worked!

We decided to see if we could go a different route and make Chocolate Rice Crispies Treats with them and found that it was just the right amount of chocolate. We tried eating them right out of the package without melting them, and admittedly, the kids enjoyed them more when they were melted and not "raw" marshmallows.

If you would like to try them, you can find them at your local Walmart and online at

NOTE: We received a few sample packs of Stuffed Puffs to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided and all opinions are our own.

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