Sunday, June 6, 2021

Flows audio glasses make the perfect Father’s Day gift

If you’re looking for a sleek new gift for the tech-loving dad in your life, I have the perfect gift idea.

Flows just launched two Bluetooth audio sunglasses called Bruno’s and Taylor’s which offer high quality built-in bone conduction speakers and microphone pairs up via Bluetooth with your device to operate like any normal Bluetooth headset. 

I had the chance to try a pair of these glasses and they were pretty great. It was very easy to pair them with my iPhone and when I tried calling friends and family everyone said it was easy to hear me and I could hear them. The bone conduction technology is pretty cool and I enjoyed not having anything in my ears but still being able to hear everything around me as well as the conversation on the phone.

It did get a little interesting if I was wearing the glasses and then my little guy borrowed my phone to play a game - I would hear the sound of the game in the glasses even though I wasn’t playing the game! It was an easy fix - just turned off the power to the glasses.

The battery life lasts up to 5 hours and only 1-2 hours to fully recharge, you’ll always be prepared. These glasses are designed to eliminate the issues of wearing normal headphones / headsets when driving, cycling, walking and exercising outdoors, namely, the danger of not hearing traffic or other sounds when outdoors.

One thing I would caution you would be if you’re changing the lenses, you need to be mindful of the way which you pop the lenses out - I don’t usually do that, but if you get the additional lens pack then you can swap the lenses. If you do be sure to pop them from the front/outside in towards what would be your face, which may seem a little counter-intuitive but you wouldn’t want to break the brand new pair of glasses you just bought!

We are giving away a new pair of Flows to one of our readers - so enter the giveaway now and you just might win them for your dad!

Enter the giveaway here

Here’s some additional information about the glasses:

  • Fully polarized and tinted Lenses: Easily pop in and out
  • mini speakers technology
  • Prescription ready
  • Frames: TR-90 nylon with IPX2 water-resistant rating
  • Lenses: Impact- and scratch-resistant premium flexible plastic
  • Built-in multidirectional microphone
  • Bluetooth range: 50 ft (15 m)
  • Open ear Audio engineering
  • Bluetooth version: 5.1
  • Battery life: Up to 5 hours
  • Battery charging time: Up to 1 hour
  • Battery charge method: Proprietary 4-pin charging cable
  • No apps needed.  Seamlessly connect to your devices Bluetooth connection
  • Navigation Ready
NOTE: We were provided with a complimentary pair of Flows glasses in Bruno style to facilitate this review as well as a pair to give away. No other compensation was provided and all opinions are our own.

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