Saturday, October 16, 2021

Kids in Sports is a great local sports education program for your kids!

Kids in Sports in Walpole, MA is a local franchised sports education program that teaches children the fundamentals of sports. We had the opportunity to try this program for our little guy and he had so much fun participating in it with two of his friends from school along with around 10 other kids.

We enrolled him in the juniors program which is a one-hour drop-off class for four and five year olds. Every week or few weeks the kids are exposed to a new sport and how to play the game including baseball, basketball, floor hockey, football, soccer, and volleyball. Kids participate in both individual and group instruction while emphasizing the basic rules as well as movements.

The owner, Coach Mike, energetically teaches the kids about each sport and is sure to give the kids frequent water breaks. In our class there are three instructors, with the ratio being around 1 instructor for every 4 kids. The focus is for the kids to try their hardest and to be a good sport.

During the time of this pandemic, everyone is masked (except when the kids are drinking water) and the kids don't seem to mind. Even though the class is a drop-off class most of the parents seem to wait in the lobby (myself included) all wearing masks and watching the kids play and have fun.

The kids are so excited throughout the class and by the end of it, they are energized but also a little worn out from expending so much energy.

NOTE: We were provided with an enrollment in the class for our little guy in exchange for this review and another one later on in the season. No other compensation was provided and all opinions are our own.

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