Thursday, November 25, 2021

Looking for a fun place for a birthday party? Full Send Ninja in Norwood is great!

Our kids are pretty active and enjoy running around. They especially love to play on jungle gyms in playgrounds. When it came to pick a place for our kid’s birthday party we were super excited to find out that a new Ninja gym opened up right near us in Norwood, MA. Full Send Ninja is an American Ninja Warrior-style gym that was built specifically for folks who enjoy ninja-style training and workouts and it looks just like the sets of American Ninja Warrior on TV!

They opened in August 2021 and we were fortunate to check them out during their open house. We booked a birthday party and then worked out the details of food. You could go through Full Send Ninja to add pizza and drinks to the party for an additional $100, but we decided to bring our own and they still provided the paper goods and utensils for us to use.

Although we are still going through the pandemic, we were comforted by knowing Full Send Ninja is taking every precaution they can in terms of sanitation and hygiene. There are hand sanitizing stations throughout and they encourage everyone to wash their hands before and after the course so they are nice and clean before you eat anything!

We all had to wear masks because we were inside, but the gym room is very spacious with really high ceilings so that too made us a little more comfortable.

The kids were all led around the course by two instructors, one of whom has been on ANW multiple times and frequently tests the course builds prior to each show taping. They even let the parents and adults try the course as well - I quickly realized that you have to be in top shape to attempt some of the obstacles - even the zip line was a little too much for someone who isn’t used to a lot of physical exertion or being in a position of hanging from your arms.

In the back at the end of the course, they have three sizes of warped walls, an 8 foot one, a 12 foot one with a cutout to hang onto at 10 feet, and the regulation size 14 foot warped wall. Here is a picture of me standing next to it - I can’t believe people actually get up it and the instructor, Mark, made it look so easy but I know it took lots of training.

We strongly recommend this as a great place for a birthday party - so much so that one of our friend’s already booked it for their kid’s party! They also offer classes and open gym times and we hope to have the chance to tell you all about those experiences as well.

NOTE: We were provided a discount off the birthday party package in order to facilitate the review. As always all opinions are our own.

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  1. Wow I had no idea this existed! I will check this out ASAP! Thank you!!!!


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