Sunday, April 24, 2022

Checked out Supercross LIVE! at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro and it was energetic!

This weekend, we checked out Supercross LIVE! at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro and it was so energetic. We got to Patriot Place and walked around for a little bit before entering the stadium. The security and mobile ticketing process was a breeze and we were quickly inside.

We walked around the concourse and watched some of the qualifying matches before we got to our seats to enjoy the start of the show. We learned that they trucked in over 26,000 pounds of dirt to the stadium from over 500 truckloads! There were lots of bumps and jumps for the riders to go on throughout the course. After the national anthem and presentation of the colors, it was show time.

There were two different races that were taking place and it was so exciting to watch them. It was quite exhilarating and there were a few moments where we were captivated by the action. It was definitely a new experience in a location where we are used to watching football games and music concerts.

NOTE: We were provided with tickets in exchange for this review and some social posts. No other compensation was provided and all opinions are our own.

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