Tuesday, February 3, 2015

LifeProof Fre for iPhone 6

So I've had the iPhone 6 for a few months now and have been lucky enough to be one of the first folks to try out the new LifeProof Fre for iPhone 6. Like it's predecessors, this awesome case protects against the four "proofs": snow, dust, water, drops.

I think this case is a perfect fit for families and those of us who live where the weather may be unpredictable. I have found that this case is great since my 4 year old daughter can take it and I don't have to worry about if she drops it or if it goes for a swim, since it's fully protected. 

The really nice feature is that the engineers have managed to keep the case super-slim (0.44" high!) and you have a built-in screen protector so you don't need to worry about the glass getting scratched!

Like the LifeProof cases for iPhone 5s, there is complete protection for the TouchID sensor and all ports/buttons.

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