Thursday, April 30, 2015

So happy it's Thursday... NOT.

So, today was filled with a few doctor appointments and no work. It was also the first day since I started Weight Watchers that I wasn't really feeling it in terms of getting 10,000 steps in... that is, until I went to a different meeting since I missed my scheduled meeting due to the appointments.

In any event, I knew I was going to go out to eat a meal with the family, so I planned and ate a lighter breakfast, some snacks and was mindful during the meal to not eat until I was stuffed but rather think about what I was eating and how full I was.

To that end, when I got home I also thought about getting in my 10,000 steps. I realized that I had only walked around 4,000 steps so that meant I had to get in 6,000 steps before calling it a night. So, I started walking and wouldn't you know it?!?!? I'm happy to report that the streak is now on to 10 days! Woo hoo!!!! It was wicked hard and after 8,000 I was starting to feel it but my goal of being healthier and losing weight needs to keep me in check.

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