Product Reviews and Giveaways
Dave and Emily enjoy reviewing products and look forward to testing and reviewing your products!
Unless we have agreed prior to the product being sent, Dave and Emily will keep the product reviewed. While products are rarely returned to the vendor, Dave and Emily may choose, at their own discretion, to give the product to a family who lives locally who could benefit from it more than we can.
We will write the review in a timely manner, typically within two to four weeks of receiving and using the product. If your product requires more than that time to adequately test and review it, we'll work out the details.
All product reviews are honest and unbiased. If something doesn't appear right about the product being reviewed, we will contact you before writing and posting a negative review. We don't intend to post negative reviews. Simply put, we will only review products which we think will benefit our family and readership. if we don't feel comfortable endorsing a product, we will let you know.
The most successful product reviews also include giveaways.  If you would like us to feature a giveaway with the review, please do not send the giveaway product to us.  We will contact you with the winner’s contact information and you will be responsible for sending the product.
If you are interested in having us reviewing your product and/or offering a giveaway, please contact us at parentalideas at gmail dot com.

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